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THE TINT Dark. Loud. Catchy. Raw.


from the new CD The 11th Hour, out now.

* Win [MP3]

* Bad Mood [MP3]



* NEWS: The Tint -- playing IPO Los Angeles and West Coast, summer 2004.

* NEWS: The Tint's 11th Hour EP takes #8 on CMJ's Most Added List.

* NEWS: The Tint's 11th Hour EP is ranked #6 in PopBang Radio's [Spain/Portugal] top singles/EP's of 2003.  Ole!

* New Bedford Times-Standard raves about The Tint

* The Boston Globe gives 11H its A-OK

* Brandeis student paper: The Tint prevails on The 11th Hour

* Splendid digs The Tint's 11th Hour EP

Boston’s The Tint have a new record that takes their trademark blend of keyboard hooks and punk-fuelled guitars, and paints them with a midnight-black coat of rock & roll existentialism.  Sonically, The 11th Hour EP shows The Tint cloaking their hook-y riff-pop in electronic abstraction; lyrically, singer Evan Evans emotes frenetically – rebuking glib cynicism with shell-shocked intellectualism.

Starting with the 21st-century barroom pop they debuted to critical praise and international radioplay on 2002’s Captain, The Tint have steered their sound into dark, dangerous places for their follow-up record.   The 11th Hour EP is a creatively ambitious bid to expand their following from the clubs, bars, and colleges where the group is already accomplished.  The Standard Times agrees, “The Tint has compiled even more angst and anguish for their second release…  This is a band that has risen above and beyond the Boston bar scene and will undoubtedly be one of the heavy rotation favorites this fall.”

The guitars are mean.  The lyrics are cerebral.   The keyboards are ethereal.  The vocals are haunting. 

The Eleventh Hour approaches.  Are you ready?

Evan Evans [Guitar/Vox]

Sean Will [Keyboard]

Sean Greene [Drums]

Tim Lyons [Bass/Vox]

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