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THE GOOD NORTH:  What the next big thing ought to sound like.


from the new CD Life Outside Our Walls, out 5/18/04.

* Art of Translation [MP3]

* Not Feeling It [MP3]



* NEWS: The Good North's new EP, Life Outside Our Walls coming to radio 5/11 and retail 5/18.

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Mixing music, style, and attitude with what The Boston Globe calls “densely ringing electric guitars, grand melodic gestures, and a panoramic sweep of space and sound.” The Good North have taken their cues from old-school Britpop, new-school indie-rock, and a dose of hardcore bravado.  The combination has put TGN onto bills with such luminaries as Ted Leo, The Dismemberment Plan, Idlewild, Aerial Love Feed, Grandaddy, Stellastar*, Elefant, Ash, The Walkmen, and The French Kicks.

They rock but aren't heavy, they emote but aren't emo. When they're onstage, they are riveting, when they are offstage, they don't seem to realize it because they are still a show: a continuous, self-referential, ludicrous sideshow of alcohol, cigarettes, cocksure posing, silly banter, and genuine affection for one another   No doubt – this is TGN and their new EP, Life Outside our Walls.

The Good North formed in 2001, and have previously released 2002’s Define Worth Wating EP and 2003’s An Explanation LP.  TGN have been featured on over 100 college radio stations and commercial stations such as Boston’s WFNX & NYC’s K-Rock.


Life Outside Our Walls CDEP.  Bold, brash, infectious as hell, and coming to a store near you 5/18.

Your New Favorite CD Compilation

The now-famous comp, featuring TGN's Postcards.

The LP that put 'em on the map -- chiming guitars, haunting lyrics, and a swirling distortion of space and time.

It all begins here -- the first EP from America's answer to britpop.








































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