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THE CHARMS:  Sexy + Dirty + Catchy = So Pretty.


from the new CD So Pretty, out now.

* The Wish Song [MP3]



from the new CD So Pretty, out now.

* The Wish Song



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* Los Angeles' Daily News
* Westchester, Putnam, and Rockland NY's The Journal News
* The Sun Herald, Mississippi
* The Capital Times, Madison, WI
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* Joe Wizda, Charms lead guitarist's INTERVIEW in the Times Leader
Wilkes Barre/Scranton, PA

Louder, sweatier, and sexier than ever The Charms are back with a new EP which combines their 60s garage-pop roots with 80s guitar-rock bravado.  The music is thick and nasty; the vocals are flirtatious and arousing; the songwriting is infectious.

The Charms formed in Boston in 2001 as a side project whose immediate following soon made them the main attraction.  Supporting their debut album Charmed, Im Sure with over 100 appearances in 2003, The Charms established themselves among critics, radio DJs, and most of all dedicated fans. 

On So Pretty, The Charms have taken their unique Farfisa-rock hooks and upped the Rock & Roll octane.  Guitarist Joe Wizdas cranked Marshall tone has an added edge but as always, its Ellie Vees sex kitten growl that sets The Charms apart.


Ellie Vee Gtr/Vox

Joe Wizda Gtr

Kat Kina Organ

Prince Frederick Drums

THE CHARMS Catalogue

So Pretty -- the EP that spent 7 weeks on the national charts, and has been played on nearly 300 radio stations.

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The now-famous comp, featuring The Charms' Tragic.












































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