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Primary Voltage Records: Street Team

Help us hype good music!


Like most independent media companies, PVR is working hard to make it happen for struggling artists.  And while we feel that our CD's can hold their own against anything the majors are putting out, our business has to work ten times harder than theirs to get heard.  We don't have the clout to get onto MTV, the payola to get onto Top 40 radio, or the infrastructure to work every record worldwide all the time.


So is PVR conceding the future of music to reality-show karaoke champions?  Not just yet --- but we're gonna need a little help.


That's where you come in.  When you join the PVR street team, you get all kinds of neat gifts from PVR: new CD's (even before stores have 'em), cool merch (like shirts, buttons, and stickers), and PVR news updates.  You'll also get some stuff that you can't keep, like flyers and posters.


When stuff starts happenin', you'll get a package from PVR filled with gifts to you and promo material for PVR.  You'll also get a list of radio stations where we'd like you to phone in requests for PVR records, and  places we'd like you to leave the flyers.  Nothin' too fancy here; even though we don't recommend that trained apes join the PVR street team, we're pretty sure they could do the job.


How does one join (you ask)?  Simple.  Just click on the link below and answer three simple questions:


1. Who are you? [like, yer name]


2. Where do you live?  [like, yer address -- and let us know if it's different during the summertime]


3. How did you find out about PVR?


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