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* The Charms on MTV:  For those of you who like to watch the television, have I got a treat for you! PVR's own The Charms are featured on the MTV documentary "Underground a Go-Go" about the Little Steven's Underground Garage SIRIUS satellite radio station / festival / phenomenon.  Airing multiple times the week of August 10.


* PUT OUT out now:  Mixing Stones-style British arena rock with classic Motown soul grooves, Baby Strange's new CD -- Put Out -- redefines cool.  They've just added a date at Boston's prestigius (and ENORMOUS) Hatch Shell.  Here's the lowdown...


* JULY 8: Feature in Boston Globe

* JULY 14: Feature in Weekly Dig

* JULY 15: Feature in Boston Phoenix

* JULY 29: Feature in Worcester Telegram & Gaz.

* AUGUST 12: Live at Boston's Hatch Shell!

* UPCOMING: Review in CMJ New Music Report


* New TGN shows, including a residency for the kids at those Western-Mass. colleges.


* The Information in the studio: Yes, they're booked into Mad Oak studios even as we speak, doing overdubs and drum tracks and such for their debut full-length release, coming this fall.  Be sure to check back with obsessive frequency.


* Mass. Hysteria & The Tint are back on the east coast:  After gigging a few select (and impressive) shows in LA, The Tint have returned to Boston -- as have Mass. Hysteria, returning from their 20-show coast-to-coast jaunt.


* The Charms play with NY Dolls, The Strokes, The Stooges, Big Star, The Mooney Sukuzi, The Raveonettes, and more at the Little Steven's Underground Festival in NYC.  It's at Randall's Island  August 14.



* Yes, the coast-to-coast tour has finally wrapped up, concluding with an open-air concert in Cambridge's own central square -- the centerpoint of the Central Sq. World's Fair, an event intended to (in a primitive, shamanistic way) drive away the evil spirits of the DNC.  It worked!  The DNC left! 

* And it's out at college radio now, starting to rack up the top 30's -- and even a #1.  More soon.



* We can't concentrate on this enough: THE GOOD NORTH'S NEW CD IS OUT NOW.  You should've bought it already.  Why not now?

* Thanks to everyone at WFNX.  You're awesome, spinning The Good North like crazy and all.  Especially you, Rucker & Driscoll.

* And lest we forget, also a big up to Shred [WBCN] and ZSid [WXRV].  You are beautiful.

* For those of you lucky enough to be students at Hanover NH's Dartmouth College -- you're in for a treat.  TGN are coming up to The Ivy League's premier Indie-Rock campus on August 20.  Watch out, Collis Center.

* Ditto for those colleges around Amherst/Northampton -- they'll be arriving in September.



* The High Ceilings are no more, but lead singer Max Heinegg is well on his way to having a thriving solo career.  Check back for more news.



New record soon.  New Record Soon. NEW RECORD SOON.  NEW RECORD SOON!

* See above.



* They're broke'did up.  Let it go.




* New video out.  I don't know what else to say.

* The Charms' recent midwest tour has gone swimmingly -- and it looks as though they'll be going back soon.  A big part of the fun has been some of the great press the band got.  A couple of our favorites were...

o Pittsburgh's PULP: Charms = good.

o Rochester City Paper enjoys The Charms.

* The Charms have been having a great run with radio on their latest CD, So Pretty.  The fun has included quite a few milestones...

o Seven weeks on CMJ's national college radio charts -- peaking at #117

o Fantastic feature coverage from Little Steven's Underground Garage -- beaming The Charms to over 170 stations nationwide

* The Charms have also enjoyed plenty of press over the last couple of months, here's a few we've enjoyed

o from The Patriot-Ledger.

o from the Boston Phoenix

o from the Boston Phoenix

o from the Weekly Dig

o from the Boston Herald: Review 1/26!

o from Worcester Magazine



* Like so many great CD's, it would appear that The Tint's The 11th Hour EP is no longer so brand spankin' new that it can still chart in CMJ's New Music Report.  Still, it hit #8 on the nationwide Most Added list it's first week -- which we continue to be proud of.

* If you read The Pills' section, you're aware that The Salem Evening News is doing a feature -- it's actually a joint feature on The Pills and (you guessed it) The Tint.

* The Tint are playing west coast dates this summer.  More soon.

* Special thanks to Chris Rucker at WFNX and Carmelita at WAAF for hosting recent on-air appearances by The Tint.  You guys rock.

* And, of course, some neat press links..

o Boston Globe feature

o New Bedford Times-Standard raves about The Tint











































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