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MAX HEINEGG:  Deep melodic vibes, chilled out and toned down.


from the new album By June.

By June [mp3]

Sedona [mp3]



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When Max Heinegg's last record came out in 2003, he was the lead singer and driving force behind Boston's acclaimed psychedelic grunge group, The High Ceilings.  After a year of solo work, he has created a new record that takes on a chilled-out, autumnal tone without losing his signature poetic lyrics, architectural song structures, and soaring voice.

On By June, Heinegg takes on a sonic palette that evokes Nick Drake and  Joshua Tree-era U2: deceptively ambient with subtle-but-unforgettable hooks.  As he steps out of the shadow of The High Ceilings, By June promises to please old fans while breaking into uncharted new territory.

Fixing his sights well beyond the fringes of the Boston rock world where he is already a local star, By June makes an unmistakable musical bid for wider recognition.  With its release later this year, Heinegg will be supporting the record with a schedule of live appearances and radio events across the Northeast -- showing off the new material both with his renowned backup group, and in a series of intimate solo shows.




By June LP -- coming out December 2004.








































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