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MASS. HYSTERIA:  Reggae for the Intelligentsia avec Garage Rock chic


from the new album Mistress and Men, out 5/25/04

* Simple Life [MP3]

* Smear Campaign [MP3]



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This is something new. 

Drawing inspiration from 1960s vinyl, Mass. Hysteria have fused soul, British invasion, and (yes, even) country FM radio staples with the raw, danceable Jamaican import shellacs from the early days of Reggae.  Recorded in just two-and-a-half days, Mistress and Men has an indie-rock sensibility for lo-fi chic, but teems with tones, textures, and rhythms brought alive by a field trip to South America – where the LP was mixed by Victor Rice at Studio Rocha in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Dubbed “Reggae for the intelligentsia” by Face Magazine, Mass. Hysteria has cultivated a following that extends far beyond the reggae/ska scene.  With an aura termed “garage-rock chic” by The Boston Globe, the band has gigged with Ted Leo/Pharmacists and The Dismemberment Plan, developing a feel for mainstream independent music that shines through on their Mistress and Men.

Mass. Hysteria formed in 1999 in Brookline, MA.  After the heavy touring and radioplay which supported their first LP, 2002's Waiting for the Day, MH released a limited-edition EP of dub/techno remixes, titled Waiting for the Dub.  This early collaboration with Sao Paolo, Brazil-based world music svengali Victor Rice foreshadowed his key role in folding together the influences which makes Mistress and Men so unique.


Mistress and Men LP

The new, genre-bending combination of Reggae, Soul, Pop, Ska, and C/W.

Waiting for the Day LP

Their first LP -- a mix of Studio One-flavored production and classic pop songwriting.

Your New Favorite CD Compilation

The now-famous comp, featuring MH's Untitled.

No Cabaret License

The EP of basement cuts from before they was what they now is.

Dubshine Compilation

A new, electronica-inspired compilation of dub reggae remixes.

Still Standing 4-CD Compilation

A massive collection of ska and reggae music, featuring MH's Please Please Please.







































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