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If you have a retail shop or distributorship -- either physical, mailorder, or online -- and you're interested in carrying PVR CD's, we're interested in talking to you.


Here are a few points which may make this simpler...


* The following distributors carry (at least some) of the PVR Catalog.  If you already have an open account with one of them, it might be the quickest way to get our CD's:  CTD, Ltd. [i.e. Carrot Top Distribution], Not Lame, Get Hip, Kool Kat Musik.


* PVR will ship direct to retail shops.  We prefer actual sales, but consignments are okay as well.  The best way to set this up is to call or fax an order, making sure you include your exact shipping address and the contact person you need.


* We are happy to provide all retail outlets with a complete PVR catalog and wholesale price list. 


* Want posters, flyers, and other P.O.P. advertisements?  Just ask -- we'd be delighted to send some on over to you!


* If you are some kid who's thinking that you've just discovered a foolproof way to get half-price CD's, you are a dope.  It will be instantly obvious.  You are nowhere near as clever as you think.


* All checks should be payable to "Primary Voltage Records," and should be sent to PO Box 382221; Cambridge MA 02238.


* International orders cannot be paid for by check.  Please contact us to make precise arrangements.


* IMPORTANT.  Export orders to international markets.  Please give us your best information on how to ship the CD's so that they won't be held up in customs.  If you know of any special methods for packing the CD's, or any information which you think we ought to include in the customs forms -- PLEASE LET US KNOW!  It stinks when we ship orders and they get stuck at the border for ages, or are unfairly dutied by the excise agents.


For all other inquiries, please contact us at:


Evan Koch -- Retail Sales

ph. 617 791 8432

fx. 617 497 2313






































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