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Information For Bands Shopping for a Deal



Evan Koch





Okay kids, here's how it works.  Yes, we do accept unsolicited demos.  BUT.  We have never signed a band based purely on an out-of-nowhere demo submission.  It might happen at some point, but as our track record suggests, it's not necessarily the main way.  If you're still interested in submitting to us, here's what you do...


1.  Put together a kit.  Your kit should contain the following items:

a.  A clearly-labeled CD or CD-R reflecting the material you're interested in working with PVR on [do not send us samples of what your last project sounded like if it's not representative of what you're doing now].  It's okay if the recordings are rough, but it's not okay if they aren't properly labeled, especially with your band's name and contact info.

b.  A onesheet.  As the name suggests, this is one sheet of paper that gives a rough bio, a quick description of what you sound like, all of your contact info, etc.  If you're unclear on what you should be doing with a onesheet, use any of THESE as a guide.  [They don't need to be this elaborate, but this should give you some feel for what types of information are important].

c.  If you've got 'em, press clippings, stickers, or anything else that you think would give us a clearer sense of who you are and why PVR should be interested in your band.

d.  Did we mention to label things properly -- particularly with your contact info?  This is not a joke.

2.  Send your kit to:

Primary Voltage Records

PO Box 382221

Cambridge, MA 02238

United States

3.  Two weeks after sending it out, check to make sure that it's arrived in one piece. 

4.  Keep us posted.  It'd be statistically unlikely that we're looking to sign a band at precisely the moment your kit arrived here.  So make sure we know who you are, then send us updates from time-to-time.






































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