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What is Primary Voltage Records?

Primary Voltage Records is an indie label based in Cambridge MA.  Over the past two years, PVR [as our friends call us] has become the most prolific label in the Boston music scene, and has become a national force in indie pop music. 


Where can I get PVR CD's?

The list of places where you can find our titles is ever-growing.  If you want our CD's, your first step should be to go to your local record store and check their bins.  If you can't find it, march up to the front counter and ask 'em why they've failed you, the customer.  Tell them that the CD's are available either direct from PVR, or through distributors such as CTD, Ltd., Get Hip, and Not Lame.

Alternatively, you can get CD's online through CD Baby, CD Street, and (of course) the PVR Shop.


How else can I get PVR Music?

If you're not into the concept of physical CD's, you can get high-quality digital downloads from Lindows, AudioLunchbox, Napster, Apple iTunes, DiscLogic, NetMusic, MusicMatch, Rhapsody, or MusicNet.  Alternatively, you can request tracks from any of the radio stations we regularly service; a near-complete list of stations we service is available on our Radio Page.


What artists are currently in the Primary Voltage catalog?

Check out PVR's Bands Page to find out the exciting answer to this question.


What releases are planned?

We are constantly working on bringing you, the customer, new and exciting projects.  Check back at the Shop Page to find out what's available now.


How can I stay in the loop on Primary Voltage news?

Well you can start by having a look at the News Page.  While you're there, you can sign up for the PVR newsletter -- a monthly email update on everything that's going on down here.


I ordered a CD through Primary Voltage's website, and I have a question about the status of my order. Who should I contact?

Either send an email to sales@primaryvoltage.com, or call 617-791-8432 and say "where the hell's my goddamn CD at, mo-fo?" The "mo-fo" thing will get their attention.



I am an artist looking for a record label. Is Primary Voltage interested?

YES! We are always interested in hearing new talent. As long as you are over 18, and not already signed to a recording/publishing contract, we welcome the opportunity to hear from you.  If you're interested check out our for Bands page to get all the details.


Finally, what does "primary voltage" mean, anyway?

In the electric transmission system, there are three main designations: "secondary voltage," "primary voltage," and "transmission voltage." Sticking your finger in an electrical socket at home is enough to give you a permanent orange afro, and that's 40 times less than "secondary voltage." "Primary voltage" is another 40 times higher than that. Zap.


What is the capital of Nebraska?

There's a simple mnemonic for remembering this one: the capital of Nebraska was named after the 16th president of the US -- Omaha Lincoln.







































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