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THE CYANIDE VALENTINE rock's answer to electronica


 *** Let It Rot 3:39


Natural Born Liar 5:22



Singer Jake Zavracky formerly led one of Boston's better hard-rock badns, Quick Fix.  But he has expanded his sound with the impressive Cyanide Valentine, incorporating a techno-pop element and a more sophisticated sense of arrangement and lyrics.


The unique and groundbreaking sound of The Cyanide Valentine -- a cross between Primal Scream, Thriller-era Michael Jackson, and Prodigy -- is as unique and unlikely as the covert partnership that created it. Jake Zavracky is the brash, towering atheist who previously fronted the guitar-driven hard rock group Quick Fix. Wendy Mittelstadt is a slight, unassuming (and devoutly Catholic) electrical engineer with a secret penchant for audio loops and synthesizers. Together, the tension within the duo creates a live act that is visually striking, and a recorded sound that is simply mind-blowing.

Emerging from the break-up of Quick Fix in 2004, Zavracky set out to create a fresh musical sound, incorporating the danceable energy of techno and synthesizer music with the pop feel of guitar rock. In Mittelstadt, he found an improbable partner-in-arms. Originally working as a basement project, the demo tapes that the two produced soon found admirers. Onstage, the textured, dynamic sound of The Cyanide Valentine -- amazingly produced by only two musicians -- awed and titilated audiences. Now, with the release of Let It Rot, the duo prepares to bring that expansive combination of pop, rock, and big beat to the masses.



Let It Rot

Out Feb '05.












































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